Strange feeling, when you let something go, but it stays. There's always a lot of different features that correspond to the situation that you want to get rid. WTF? If the person if free to choose it should be free do decide what to feel. That's BULL SHIT! We have only one choice -- hit the head and forget what we were. And of course the is NO guaranty of success. Everything impact everything. Erase your thoughts and became a vegetable.
Милый, имя тебе легион
Ты одержим, поэтому я не беру телефон
Соблюдаю постельный режим
Но, в зеркале ты
Из крана твой смех
Ты не можешь меня отпустить
А я не могу вас всех
No.. it's nothing... aground... Decrease the stress increase the power. The power of believe.
It's all a mess. Forget it.