It’s a new day. How obvious, but how difficult a concept. Mostly, we reprise the previous day, or the previous thousand days. If there is magic in this orderly, clockwork world, it’s the process that creates the events that mark off what we think of as time. If it isn’t actually a new day, than the magic fades into the background of the ordinary, the background of habit. The act of awakening is an act of creation. You emerge from some deep subconscious state, not really fully formed as the person you know yourself to be, and at that moment you have the chance to create yourself, like a work of art, a piece of original music, a movement of energy in a universe with almost infinite levels. You have the chance, no, the right to be. To be what? To just be and experience being.

We are fluid, flux, movement, some principle of fundamental reality, some state of becoming in a world that is, if nothing else, a constant act of becoming. We do not live in a completed reality, and we are not complete, not completely real, not totally formed. Definitions are always tenuous at best. We emerge as process, not product, and the process can expand in any or all directions, or it can form a closed loop, an endless recreation of the past, of something solid and familiar.

Wake up today and become an artist, fall in love, change your destiny, change your mind, change the universe. The only chains you have are the ones you forged yourself.