Vibrant sunsets melting into night, shimmering double rainbows reflected in fresh puddles scattered by footfalls, a waterfall cascading over my naked body deep in some remote forest and a thousand songs running through my mind on a solitary moonlit beach, and here I am again dancing at the end of the world. Everything that has been and will ever be is rapidly converging on this point, this instant, this ephemeral breath of creation, this tiny space that expands and explodes like a cosmic orgasm. A million, or perhaps even countless moments, each a tiny death, a tiny rebirth, a reimagining of time and space and life, each the center of my existence. All of my life is compressed into this explosive point, this glowing seed of timeless experience that contains ecstasy, joy, wonder, infinite beauty, love and peace. Heaven and hell, yesterday and tomorrow are unimportant, impotent concepts here at the apex of everything. Each of these million rebirths is a world unto itself, each a universe of meaning, each a complex and eternal voyage inward and outward. Each step is an act of unimaginable poignancy; each breath creates me anew and brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. I’ve stepped out between the points of light in the sky, between atoms in the vastness of space. I am twirling, and all that is real or imagined is twirling around me in flashing colors, faster, ever faster, and now my foot is one step closer to the edge and I’m still dancing, wildly dancing, forever dancing, dancing at the end of the world.