I’m a very ordinary man with some extraordinary dreams. I dream of being rich, not in money but in experiences, love, friendship, joy, ideas and inspiration. I dream of being happy, not for a moment or a day, but as an ongoing condition of life. I dream of having my eyes open to everything that comes along, to appreciate it all, whether I partake or not. I dream of learning something new each day, something that delights and amazes me. I dream of being able to touch the lives of others, even if it is just with a few words or a friendly smile. I dream that whatever humble efforts I expend will be appreciated by someone, somewhere. I dream that my life will have meaning, first to myself and perhaps to some others. I dream that I’ll be able to see the perfection in those who surround me and consider their flaws just temporary setbacks. I dream that each day will be a joyful journey, one that hopefully I can share. I dream that someday I can gather all the pieces of myself that I’ve discarded along the twisted road of life and learn to embrace them, draw them back into my being and become the whole person I was always meant to be.