No, no, no. He is right. I am not an American. He is also right. Where I come from, there is no jury, there are no 12 men and women to hear the accused. There is only a judge and how do you say this in English?…persecuting…what…prosecuting attorney. Yes, prosecuting attorney. There is only a judge and this, this prosecuting attorney person.
But that is where I come from. That is not where I am now. This is America and there is a judge and a jury to decide the fate of this man. I know it is a hot day and this is a small room. We have been here for five days in a small hot room.
We all want to go home. But this is America and this man’s fate is in our hands. It does not matter how hot or how cold the room is. It does not matter tired we are. It does not matter how long we stay here.
Now I am sorry but I have doubts and as long as I have doubts, I will not sentence this man to spend the rest of his days in a small hot room. This is America and in America, this is not done.