Yes, I will respond to my esteemed colleague, since I understand this issue has been raised in committee.

He is right. I was not born in this country. He is also correct in noting that my parents were not citizens of the nation in which I was born.

And as I am sure this esteemed body is aware, this and information like it could be used to support the contention that the immigrant population is not a stable one.

Despite his being as powerful as I am small, I still do not think that is going to work for the senator. And I will tell you why.
Born here or who are first generation here, despite my esteemed colleague and his anti-immigration legislation, America continues to be a melting pot.

I do not define people by traditional lines but I do respect those other cultures who respect mine. I am the sum of two people, and all those who came before them. They were good people. I am good people.

Now, the senator can make a career out of hating people like me. He can get downright creative about it and he probably will. He can call me anything he wants. He can start another Holocaust. And if the members of this august body allow him, he might possibly get away with it. It certainly would not be unprecedented and America is no more invulnerable to that than any other nation has been, despite our conceits to the contrary.

I am an American now and still from where I was born. I am also a member of the world community and that voice, too, will be heard.

In the end, if he persists, all the senator is going to do is hurt a lot of people, including his own family. He will most certainly lose his constituency because people in his state do not put up with this. That is what his hate is going to buy him.

And in the end, he will have accomplished nothing, for there is one thing my esteemed colleague
and all his hate cannot change. He cannot change who I am. Even I could not do that and I will admit there are times when I have wished I could.

I do not begrudge the senator his feelings. Where I am from, you do not kick a man when he is down. And you do not judge a man’s soul because that is not up to you, it is up to God.

If this august body does not want me here, it better tell me real soon. If it does, then please protect me from esteemed colleagues like this one.

Thank you, Gentlemen. I now call for the vote.