It was a rather an ordinary milk chocolate bar no different from thousands that were born everyday in the mechanized stainless steel world. After birth it was efficiently dressed in a colourful package and sent with her sisters to a warehouse in a big box. Embracing each other in the darkness, feeling secure.

Suddenly bright light entered the box and everyone was lifted out and carefully placed on the top shelve of a supermarket. Christmas music played in the background and the chocolate bars chatting excitedly.

A few moments later a group of them were grabbed and dropped with a shopping basket before entering a plastic bag. A bump ride and coming to rest in a cool dark environment.

Our chocolate did not know exactly what she was waiting for, but knew something exciting could happen.

At last a clatter of heels and joyful voices. Lifted back into the warmth and light by a small woman’s hand, the chocolate noticed the glisten of a shiny bracelet.

“A gift from me”.

“Thank you. It looks delicious”, said a kind voice.


This time the chocolate bar was bathed in orange light from another plastic bag.

In the background music and conversation started getting louder.

Outside of a restaurant an old man wearing shabby cloth was asking passers by for help. People hurried passed taking no notice of his plight, but he did not take offense. It was awkward for him to beg but circumstances were such he had no choice. Surviving day by day, hoping for better times ahead.

The small woman hand entered into orange bag again this time carefully taking chocolate bar and handed it to the old man who was say grateful. She also gave him packaged restaurant food.

They, the chocolate and old man, were on the “move again” this time a long slow going by feet. Lots to see though in the dim lantern light. Snow started falling in big flakes coating the world in white.

Chocolate felt happy watching all the people and beauty around.

She felt her mission in life was approaching.

The old man turned into courtyard. It became very dark only the stars above were brighter.

“Grandpa”, - cried an excited little girl’s voice.

The apartment was cold and damp but despite the obvious poverty there was love. On a table sat a few pine tree branches wrapped in shiny ribbons. The only indication that it is Christmas.

The old man hugged his granddaughter.

He then handed her the chocolate bar which caused a cry of surprise and laughter. The wrapping was immediately removed, foil gleamed in the lamp light.

It was a rather an ordinary milk chocolate bar, which became a great joy to a little girl.