-Henry, I’m home, - lovely voice of a young woman was like sunshine from the pale sky, - I brought you some food. There are vegetables, fruits, some sweets… everything you like. Oh… I’ll open the window. You’re totally bored here.

Her moves were extremely fast and the most fabulous Henry has ever seen. The ones, he wanted to see every day. It was her: the one, who cared of him, the one, who fed him, the one, who had enormous soul and sophisticated voice.

-Oh,look at you! What happened with your tie? Nurse Margareth doesn’t know how to clothe you right! You have to be as handsome as a gentleman, and maybe one day the doctor will allow us to go outside.

That morning the woman was scattered and anxious. She came closer to Henry, changed his tie, and, with a guilty look, said him:

-I’m sorry not being here last night. It was because of my work. It will never happen again, I promise.

At such moments Henry thought she didn’t care about his disabled body, as at such moments the woman looked in his huge blue eyes, the only part of his body he could not only use, but also move. She was looking for forgiveness in these eyes. But she didn’t know that Henry has never accuse her of doing anything. He thought it was the woman about whom he heard from books and films. The most intelligent and the proudest; the loneliest, but the most loved; the one, whom upbringing always obliged to decline every proposal to marry, exept Henry’s. But Henry couldn’t afford to say a word. He just didn’t have an ability to do it. What if she really decided to marry? Where was she last night? A very thought of it made his blood boiled and one innocent tear appeared in his huge blue eyes. In that minute, the woman took a book and sat next to him.

-Look at me, Henry.

But he didn’t. Henry was sitting in his wheelchair and hiding his eyes by looking at the window. He didn’t want the woman to see his tears.

-It is absolute disrespect! – she claimed seriously.

Henry left nothing to do but carry out her request. So, he turned his huge blue eyes to her. Henry was afraid of her reaction. What if the woman considered him as a man, only because she has never seen him crying?

-Tears? Henry, are they because of me? I have already apologized.
Her eyebrows reminded regret. But Henry didn’t want the woman to feel sorry. It was only him. It was his fault to be born disabled.

-… it was a lovely evening, - she started reading a story about charming people with their magnificent balls. Henry knew the end of the story, but he was always ready to hear it again from her beautiful lips.

Henry will never forget this day. The first time, when he felt himself miserable in her eyes. And today was the first day, when he really wanted to say something extremely important, what could change their lives forever. His huge blue eyes were ready to make a sound!.. But it still was Monday, the woman was still reading and Henry was still a disabled person without an ability to say a word.

“One day I wil kiss you!” – he promised himself and continued to listen the story.