An action Packed, Magical and Funny storey line. Follow cheerful dog as he chases through different worlds and times in search of the cornerstone of time. Meet his arch enemy Miserable Dog and uncover many magical secrets. The book has a swiftly unfolding humours storyMeet his arch enemy Miserable Dog and uncover many magical secrets. The book has a swiftly unfolding humours story that wont allow you to put it down. Mixed with magic and high technology this book is in a unique genre. You will be sure to enjoy it young or old.
On a bed, in a house, down a lane, in a town, near a cliff lies Cheerful Dog. He is on the bed for many reasons, most of them secret. When I say Cheerful Dog is special I don’t mean he can just catch sticks, run into rivers and get drenched like other dogs, nor the fact that he is always so cheerful. No, Cheerful Dog has secrets that make everyone else’s secrets look boring and today we will only be concerned with the best secret of all. When Cheerful Dog puts his mind to it he can visit any book anywhere in his universe, just by placing his paw on it and wishing himself there. “How do you visit a book?” I hear you gasp. Well that, of course, is secret but it doesn’t stop Cheerful Dog from doing it. So today we find Cheerful Dog considering whether to visit a book called ‘Laputa’ or a book called ‘Miserable Night’. It is daytime and Cheerful Dog feels far too cheerful for anything with ‘miserable’ in the title so guess which one he goes for. So we find Cheerful Dog taking down the book marked ‘Laputa’ from the shelf and putting it down flat on his bed with his paw firmly in the middle of the book. This is where Cheerful Dog can be heard saying the magic word and wishing himself into the book, but we don’t hear a word, we hear a woof sound. This is because the word is so very secret that our ears know it’s supposed to be secret and disguise the real sound with a woof sound. So we see Cheerful Dog disappearing into the book named ‘Laputa’. If you have never read a book about ‘Laputa’, then that’s a shame as it’s a wonderful story about a floating castle on top of a floating rock. And smack in the middle of the castle courtyard yet off to the right just a little bit, we find Cheerful Dog looking very pleased, as he has managed to find a fountain to get himself thoroughly drenched not too unlike what normal dogs like to do. After a short trip to the impeccable gardens and lounging in the sunshine Cheerful Dog finds himself feeling terribly hungry. So it’s off into the castle itself to find some food. There are hardly any people knocking about to even ask where to get food. Cheerful Dog wanders the vast corridors of the grand castle and just when he hopes he has found the kitchen, it turns out it’s the study instead. Many books line the walls and in the middle there is a large gold Orrery. All thoughts of food now leave Cheerful Dog’s mind as an idea sweeps through him. ‘I have never visited a book inside another book’, he thinks and so he approaches the massive wall of books. “Which one shall I pick?” he thinks “Possibly one that would contain some food” his stomach says to him. His eyes suddenly stray over to the gold Orrery. It is on a table that is largely being propped up by a large dark book, as the leg is obviously far too short. Cheerful Dog’s curiosity goes wild at this sight and he bends and reretrieves the book. Instantly, in his paws, the book becomes slightly different to what it was before. The book becomes dark purple and the golden swirly writing on the cover becomes more apparent than it was on the floor under the table leg. Cheerful has a wild thought that maybe it is a spell book, but then, he thinks, who would leave that lying around propping a table up? Unless, he ponders further, someone is being clever, trying to hide something of great value in plain sight. Yet despite these inward perusals it is plain to see for all that this book above all others in the library is well and truly way more interesting. Cheerful Dog is excited at this so he places the book on the table and with his paw placed firmly in the middle he wishes himself into the book. He finds himself in a great city. Many cloaked people are running too and fro. He lies down on the nearest bench to look out over the city and take the whole scene in. He is very cheerful indeed. And so it is we find, on a bench, in a great city, in a dark purple book, on a table, next to an orrery, inside a study, in a floating castle, in a book lying on a bed, in a house, down a lane, in a town, near a cliff, a very hungry Cheerful Dog. He is on the bench for many reasons, most of them even more secret. And now the story begins!!!

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