One hedgehog had a hobby - fishing. Of course, it was a little strange hobby, because all the other hedgehogs prefer to gather apples on their needles. They only snorted once again seeing hedgehog the fisher with his fishing rod. They said to him: "It’s not how it should be. No decent hedgehog will be lounging for hours near the water. The hedgehogs sleep during day, don’t you know". But our hedgehog just shrugged his shoulders and did his thing.
Little hedgehog liked to sit for hours on the beach, putting the bait. He enjoyed looking on the moving clouds in the sky, the ripples on the water, and to dream. Hedgehog never caught any fish, if to tell the truth, but this time when he went fishing he caught ...
He caught an octopus. The octopus, without thinking twice, swallowed our little hedgehog.
The story was: Octopus accidentally came there with high tide, he did not even know who the hedgehogs are and that they are not eatable. He was just afraid for being hooked, and the best defense according to the octopus rules is to attack.
Oh, how he regretted that had swallowed a hedgehog. The octopus spat the hedgehog out, thinking to himself: "My mother said to me when I was little to be careful and not swallow suspicious things, but I forgot completely”.
As for Hedgehog, did not have time to understand what happened. He was fishing, admiring the clouds, and then something grabbed him, beslobbered and spitted. But the hedgehog was very kind and did not take offense.
Hedgehog with Octopus became friends, and Hedgehog helped new mate to return home to the ocean. Some would say that the hedgehog has bad taste in the choice of friends, but the hedgehog just smile and go on a fishing trip to watch the waves lap against the shore.