It was an unusual day. The sky was very low during this magical walk through the greenest of parks. There was magic in the air. All the creatures were in playful mood. Today humans were not scary to them. They wanted to play with people and in the same time see if they can get some treat as well. The chickadees were flying around as a cortege along the way of humans. Hovering at human head hight the birds performed acrobatics to impress and to entertain just like forest street performers. Seeing that the humans were not stopping one bird decided to perform its “frozen in time” act. Its wings were beating so fast that to humans it appeared as if were just motionless and the bird suspended in the air in front of their faces blocking the way. The humans were spell bound by the performance and showed their appreciation by offering food. Immediately the performance stopped as the birds competed for the treat offering. Humans were forgotten as they paid their toll.
As the people continued on their merry way another forest creature came into their sight. Small, red, fluffy, inquisitive, slightly nervous, she overcame as realized the human couple was friendly. But as soon she saw they didn’t bring nuts with them, she turned her attention away with the full swing of her gorgeous tail.
The man and the woman laughed.
They were going from the Marriage Registry Office and just learned that fairy tales're real for adults too.