Spring came earlier than usual in Green Land this year. It flashed the sun, which melted the snow. Whilst admiring nature as it started to bloom the birds twittered. The joy reigned in the air as the winter with all its blizzards and frost has finally gone. Only warmth’s ahead.

But on this day Queen Harmony, royalty at the age of tender seven years, for some reason was not in the best frame of mind. As if hearing her mood, spring rain started to fall. Surrounded by courtiers all gently trying to understand the cause of her sadness, she continued to turn away and refused all attempts to offer help.

She looked very pretty today in her light pink dress crowned with a gold tiara complementing her shiny brown hair. But her beautiful eyes were full of tears. How could anyone pass by this cute creation without uttering compassionate words?

The reason for her melancholy was due to her desire to play, but, unfortunately, this entire majestic three-storey architectural masterpiece called the palace was too void of children apart from herself.

Pink clown tried to cheer her up, but she just sighed and politely asked him to leave. Finally courtiers decided to let her alone and give her space.

Oh, how she wanted to go to school as a normal child. Her music and math teacher, a funny old man Mr. Archet was very nice, but she wanted friends of her own age. She longed to play games, sometimes be nasty and do whatever kids of seven do.

It's a pity that you can not use magic wands at school, only pens and pencils, but a price worth paying. Being an ordinary girl must be better than sitting in a huge palace on your own.

She started to draw figures in the air with her wand, exercises with one unknown. Gold floating X looked like a butterfly. It hovered just opposite the entrance to the royal chamber.
X + 4 = 6, X = 6-4, X = 2. And now check: 2 + 4 = 6.

Harmony rated herself "Good" and decided to add an exclamation mark, emphasizing the dot, but with too much vigor because of her non-mastery. At that very moment a boy appeared from behind the entrance curtains. And according to the Law of Coincidence he received the full magical force of the accentuated dot, which knocked him off his feet amid smoke and sparks.

The wand fell from Harmony’s quivering hand.

-Help, help! She cried, jumping from her throne. – Somebody, please help!
On hearing the screams of little queen Harmony grandfather hurriedly made his way from a nearby room.

- I sat, not bothering anyone; - Harmony explained with worry in her voice that she was just practicing mathematical formula when from nowhere this young boy appeared and unfortunately took the full force of the wand uncontrolled energy.

- Oh, you kids always up to something.
But seeing the distress on Harmony’s face, he calmed her by saying: “Don’t worry”.

Magically the dump cloth appeared in his old hand, which he then placed on the boy’s forehead. This caused a reaction, where the boy, slightly startled and confused suddenly opened his eyes.

- Young man, how do you feel?

The boy responded favorably.

- How did you get here, and what’s your name?
Old King John with kindness in his voice inquisitively asked.

-I..I..don’t remember, Sir. Sorry, it seems I forgot my name.

The King said to Harmony:
- I'll have to talk with your teacher to check this magic wand. Maybe some of the settings in the mechanism need adjustment.

And then he turned to the boy:
- Please, try to remember something.

- Sorry, - timidly said the boy again, - I somehow walked through the wrong door… Not wrong, - he confessed, - It was said "No Entrance" and because I was curious...
I'm sorry, I shouldn’t have…

- Young man, I don’t understand a word you have just said. What door?

- ... I vaguely remember the wooden door was very beautiful with bolts like in fairy tales…Where am I, - asked the boy with concern in his voice. - And how do I go back? – as he looked at the entrance to the chamber, there was no door.

Harmony looked at her grandfather. Grandpa scratched his head. -Back where, boy? This is the palace of Queen Harmony. If you study at Know-It-All school you should know.

- I didn’t study at Know-It-All school. I'm from 111th school. I didn’t know schools had names.

The King frowned.
- Things are worse than I thought. Boy, are you from Blue Planet?

- What do you mean from Blue Planet. You mean planet Earth, or what?

The King took him by the hand, led him to a chair near the balcony and asked to sat down.

- Dear child from Blue Planet, - he said, - I do not know how it happened, but you came to Green Planet or Green Land as we call it. Your geography lesson doesn’t mention it. It is a world of hills and meadows, fields and forests. Look out the window and you will see how my grand daughter Harmony painted spring back again, by special royal decree a little earlier this year, because of my poor health. This shows she cares about me, - the old man smiled.

- Look at the emerald green grass and the colours of early seasonal flowers: white, blue, pink. Smell the flavors of spring!

Tears of Queen Harmony finally dried up, like little puddles after the rain evaporated by the bright sunlight. King John opened the balcony and fresh air flooded in.

Since the palace stood on a hill, and the Queen's room was on the top floor, the balcony opened with breathtaking view of panoramic landscape.
Harmony stood very still, so great was her interest in the newcomer that she silently listened to the conversations of the boy and grandfather. Her huge eyes grew even larger reflecting the green of the land.

-Grandpa, what is a Blue Planet?
She said excitedly.

- Ah, children. You have not been exposed to this section of knowledge yet, you are only 7. Well, okay, it's not a big secret. Blue Planet is very similar to our. Only boring. Sorry kid, but it's true! Simply put, there is no magic. People there don’t know how to do it. It happens from time to time of course, but not often. And it has to be earned. It's hard to explain, but we are different although children are the same...It is very interesting how this young man came to us.

The boy was taken aback. On his face there was a mixture of fear and interest. For a moment he was silent.

- And what about my mum. She will worry if I don’t come home for dinner.

- Sorry, pal. I may be King, but the truth is I’m a retired king, and this case involves world magic, my humble royal magic is powerless. Do you have any idea or reason why you came here? If not, don’t worry. As I recall, there have been similar cases of connection between the worlds, and travelers have always returned to the same place and time from where they came. Yes, for example four children helped Prince Caspian in his time. Two girls and two boys, they always came back to the very day and hour from where they started. So do not worry, your mother wouldn’t even notice. Have you had lunch?

-Not yet.

- Then I will ask to set the table. On a full stomach, things will seen better. Harmony, will you entertain our brave guest.

The King looking thoughtful left the room.

Harmony and the boy looked at each other. Then she smiled, and he smiled back. They wanted to know everything about each other and each others world, but both were shy and didn’t know where to start.

She began, at first a little embarrassed. “Just before you appeared I was learning mathematics all by myself…Tell me about your school, do you study with other children there?”

- Well yes. Everyone goes to school. Is it not the same here?

- Almost the same. Only I'm not allowed to go to the usual Know-It-All school. They say it’s inconvenient to commute. Unfortunately, here with no other children in the whole palace, it is so boring!

- Except of course now you, - she added. Maybe I can come to your school one day.

- I don’t know. I don’t like school.

- But I’ve heard Know-It-All school is interesting. I definitely know there is a room for magical gadgets as Master Bloom, my magic tutor, told me so.

- Hmm. Magic is interesting. Maybe it really is better than my school. I actually want to know more about the Green Land. At least mum won’t have to worry as your grandfather says.

- Yes, of course, everything will be fine. Don’t you know about the Law of Happy Ever After?

- Not always happy ever after in our world ...

- I do not know about your world, but in our world we have rules. I will show you our Book of Laws. From behind a large curtain, Harmony revealed a huge leather-bound volume placed on hand carved wooden lectern. The pages of the Book were old and tamished with one exception, the page that had fallen open. New bright yellow background with black text stating the following:


Seeing him looking at it in a confused way she blushed.

- That I have recently issued as an order,- she said,- because someone sliced my favorite tablecloth whilst cutting bread.
And she showed the size of the cut.

- I was very disappointed. But look.

She carefully turned huge pages to the beginning. Law number One stated:
"All the stories, adventures etc. have a happy resolution according to Happy Ever After Law"

- This law was issued many centuries ago by my grand grand… many times grandmother Harmony. So that is how it should be.

-So can you write any law?

- Technically, yes. My word is the law of the land in the name of my crown ... – she stated pathetically, - but ... my grandfather should approve it first, of course, until I'm 21. Then I will be fully responsible for my own laws.

She continued:
- The grandfather has not yet seen that law - she blushed again. So it will not be implemented until he put his royal seal of approval.

- And if for example I cut without a bread board. What will be the punishment?

- Puni-what?

-Punishment? Well for me what if I break that law?

- You are funny. We have no punsh-whatever. -She laughed.- You do not understand. If this law is endorsed you just can not cut bread without a board. You see, for example, if the law of the land in spring is to become green, it can be nothing but green. The law becomes nature- the law of nature. They are inseparable and there is a sense of unity and harmony.

Then she saw that grandfather quietly entered the room.
He smiled.
-Do not be strict with him, dear. He came to us from where there is not much harmony. People out there are not aware of the laws of nature and often go against them. Sometimes they bang their heads against the wall repeatedly without insight of logic of the world around. They use the physicality without deep understanding. For example, Blue Planet people do not know the essence of fire or electricity, they only use their properties. Such examples are countless. Well, okay, not the time for lectures but time for eating. Come children.

From the kitchen the aroma smelt very appetizing and King John did not have to persuade the kids. Both children ran ahead of grandfather, who abruptly stopped them, saying that it’s not appropriately behaviour for a royal infant to run, and proceeded leading them by their hands.

Even though dinner was only attended by a few people it was magnificent. Everyone including court gesture was delighted to see the good mood of Harmony. The boy was briefly presented to all as a traveler from a far kingdom, so as not reveal his story.

During the meal the custom was to read "RoyalExpress” updates.
-Princess Riana Bow sends greetings to Queen Harmony and she requests visit her Tunes Kingdom at the weekend.

Harmony's eyes sparkled.
-I really look forward to seeing her. Grandpa, can we go with the boy as he needs to know more about us. He could return home any time without discovering how wonderful our world is.

- Yes, you can. Only “When lunch of mine is at its peak, I'm deaf and mute, so please don't speak”. Bon Appetit everyone.

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